Adetiq's Coronavirus Pandemic Response

April 27, 2020

Following the Governments announcement, we would like to confirm that we have entered a new phase in our business operations where we have around 10% of our workforce in the office with the other 90% of our staff now working from home. We are still carrying on with 100% of our work and commitments to our customers, providing our usual excellent quality of work with no dips in SLAs. We are fully open for business for existing clients and prospective clients.

Regular update meetings via Microsoft Teams are taking place within the individual teams, departments and management to ensure we incorporate all staff members who are working from home making them feel part of the business from their extended workplace.

From a practical point of view, we can confirm the following: 

  • All of our staff are participating in social distancing in the workplace where we have assigned areas, devices and even kitchen utensils to staff members.
  • Sanitiser Gel, Gloves, Face masks and other protective and safety equipment and measures are available to ensure the safety of our staff while at work.
  • None of our team are using public transport.

Along with the maintaining of our high quality service, the health and safety of our staff is paramount during this challenging times.

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