Sponsorship of the Centre for Education and Youth's 13th Birthday

Sept 8, 2022

Adetiq were very pleased to sponsor and attend The Centre for Education and Youth’s 13th birthday celebrations. The Centre for Education and Youth

Comedian Sam Serrano hosted a top-notch panel, looking into a crystal ball to find out what the future holds for young people and the wider sector.

It was very informative to hear predictions from:
• Gina Cicerone, CEO of the Fair Education Alliance
• Luke Billingham, Youth Worker at Hackney Quest
• Claire Heald, Head of Education at Academies Enterprise Trust and CfEY Fellow
• Joe Hallgarten, CEO of CfEY

It was interesting to hear insights of the challenges of research and the impacts of policy on the lives of young people. It was also wonderful to meet and hear from so many people who are working to champion the development and success of young people. The optimism and determination was inspiring.

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