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Austin Reed provides classic and contemporary tailoring for men and women. Founded in London in 1900, Austin Reed is now a global brand delivering high quality tailoring to over 100 countries worldwide and with more than 1,000 retail outlets.


Austin Reed, together with CC and Viyella were keen to obtain customer perception regarding the in-store experience at nationwide retail outlets. Due to the audience demographic and the in-store environment it was felt that a paper based survey solution would be the most appropriate, which can be completed at point of sale. The main objectives of the customer survey was to gain insight with regard to the shopping experience, perception of the products including quality and also perceptions relating to the CC, Austin Reed and Viyella brands in comparison with competitive brands. 

Although Austin Reed has the resources in-store to conduct the surveys, Austin Reed felt the need to find an outsourced expert solution for the data capture of the responses and to interpret, analyse and provide presentation style reporting of the results.



Austin Reed contacted Adetiq to provided an integrated solution, offering both data capture and an experienced analytics team, able to analyse and report upon the results of the customer survey. Adetiq initially worked with Austin Reed to devise an appropriate data map to ensure that the raw data would be able to flow into the Austin Reed CRM systems effectively, and also consulted with regard to the insights Austin Reed were looking to achieve. Austin Reed uses Adetiq’s in-house data capture team to collect the data from the customer responses using specialist data capture systems which includes employing various quality control and accuracy measures to ensure high quality, accurate data.

Open comment questions are passed to Adetiq’s in-house sentiment analysis team, who reviewed all open comments, allocating codes according to the specifics mentioned within the customer comments enabling valuable insight to be gained from otherwise unstructured, difficult to interpret data. Once captured and verified, the data is passed to Adetiq’s analytics team, where insightful statistics and key trends are identified. The analytics team at Adetiq produce reports relating to specific store and brand feedback, positive experiences and areas for improvement. In addition to the reports, Adetiq use the insights from the reports to produce a presentation deck for Austin Reed to present the results at key stakeholder meetings.


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