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Awards for Business specialises in creating, developing and managing award schemes for

different market sectors. These awards are unique in their respective areas because the results are based purely on consumer feedback, providing a powerful marketing tool for the winners. Launched in 2004 the ‘ESTAS’ recognise agents who provide the highest levels of customer service. Each year over 25,000 questionnaires are sent to homebuyers, sellers and landlords in the UK.



Processing data from over 25,000 questionnaires is a labour intensive and time consuming task. Awards for Business wanted to maximise their internal resources and focus their internal staff on the knowledge based tasks that they are trained and qualified for, rather than spending time on the labour intensive administration associated with processing and interpreting the completed questionnaires. Awards for Business sought to find an outsourced provider who could offer efficient data entry services as well as back office administration services to act as an outsourced mail room and process the completed questionnaires in a cost efficient and timely manner. 



Awards for Business contracted Adetiq to become the outsourced solutions provider for the end-to-end processing of the completed questionnaires. The team at Adetiq initially act as a virtual mail room for Awards for Business, receiving and sorting the questionnaires. From here the information and responses contained within the completed questionnaires are entered directly into the ESTAs online analytics system, for which Awards for Business has permitted Adetiq access. Once the data has been accurately entered into the system, Awards for Business are able to view the results in real time and keep a record of the level of questionnaires received to date. It is from these results that the nominations, and ultimately the winners, are selected for the ESTA awards. Adetiq adopts a flexible approach, which can be tailored according to the needs of our clients. Whilst we have our own secure, bespoke data entry system, for Awards for Business, an essential requirement was to become trained to use their online system, which we were happy to accommodate as part of the process, adding maximum value to the client.

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