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Delete Blood Cancer UK is a division of DKMS, a global family of organisations started in 1991 to find donors of lifesaving blood stem cells. Delete Blood Cancer launched in the UK in February 2013 and has since registered over 71,000 potential donors, taking the worldwide total of potential stem cell donors to over 4.5million.



Launching in the UK in 2013, Delete Blood Cancer UK needed to find an effective, quick and accurate processing solution for their donor forms. Due to the nature of the forms, accuracy of the processing was of critical importance, as was finding a highly secure processing solution to ensure that donor information was treated with the highest degree of confidentiality. Delete Blood Cancer UK also needed to find a solution that could process forms fast, and would be able to handle peaks in volumes from large donor drives, to ensure that donor information could be input in the donor systems as quickly as possible ensuring that any potential matches could be made available and not held up unnecessarily due to inefficient administration procedures.



The donor management team at Delete Blood Cancer UK consulted with Adetiq early during the initial launch stages to devise an effective donor form processing solution which catered for all of the requirements – fast, accurate, secure, scalable and able to cater for the different stages required. Adetiq devised a structured process which includes data capture, key verification, document scanning, correlation and auditing. Adetiq uses a number of in-house systems to deliver the different aspects of the task, which ensures that a complete audit trail is maintained, and that the data can be verified, and quality controlled at various stages throughout the process to ensure the highest degree of accuracy. As the forms need to be processed quickly and with high levels of security it was important to have a highly versed process, Adetiq has over 50 years of experience, and was able to provide Delete Blood Cancer UK with best practice advice and guidance for the entire process. Adetiq is able to process all forms received within five working days which encompasses all data capture, verification, document scanning and correlation, ensuring Delete Blood Cancer UK has the critical donor information where it is needed, whenever it is needed.



“DKMS has been working with Adetiq for a number of years now. Their work has made a significant difference to us through capturing and inputting data securely onto our system, which enables donor profiles to be uploaded and therefore created faster.’


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