Department for International Trade (DIT)



Department for International Trade (DIT) works with UK-based businesses to ensure their success in international markets, and encourage the best overseas companies to look to the UK as their global partner of choice. DIT aims to deliver measurable improvement in the business performance of DIT’s international trade customers, increase the contribution of foreign direct investment to knowledge intensive economic activity in the UK and deliver a measurable improvement in the reputation of the UK in leading overseas markets as the international business partner of choice.



DIT has a customer commitment to helping its UK and international customers by providing a range of services, to a high standard and improve customer service by listening to customer feedback. DIT arrange and attend hundreds of events in any given year which vary from small scale meetings, to outward and inward missions and large scale exhibitions. The feedback from these events is a critical factor for DIT as it shapes the way in which it operates on behalf of its customers. In order to monitor the feedback from the events, DIT has developed a concise yet highly informative feedback form to collect the views of attendees. With often hundreds of attendees at hundreds of events throughout the year, interpreting the feedback gained is a time consuming and labour intensive task. 



The team at DIT approached Adetiq to process the large volume of feedback forms received from the wide ranging events throughout the year. Adetiq’s long standing history and experience of processing feedback forms enabled Adetiq to offer pro-active advice to DIT to ensure that the responses can be processed in the most efficient manner, developing a cost effective solution for the processing. Adetiq’s data security credentials also gave DIT peace of mind that all data and documents are handled in a completely secure environment.

Adetiq supply the DIT team with a dedicated email address for all electronic feedback forms to be sent to and also a mailing address for any physical responses to be received and processed by the project team. The provision of physical and electronic mail room services helps to reduce the time elapsed between feedback being submitted and DIT being able to review the results. In order to process the feedback the team at Adetiq use a bespoke, secure data entry system, which enables measures to be put in place for the purposes of quality control. Once processed, all feedback is passed through the quality control team at Adetiq to ensure a high level of accuracy within the captured data. Once processed, Adetiq produce a monthly report for DIT which along with the captured data, provides statistical insights relating to the results received across all events to enable DIT to have an accurate view of their successes and focus areas across all events, as well as enabling a deep dive into each specific event.

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