Effective Survey Deployment and Processing

January 25, 2018

Surveys, questionnaires and feedback forms can provide extremely valuable insight from your customer-base, membership-base, supporter-base, employees or general public, but often the fundamentals of effective survey construction, data capture and respondent experience are overlooked.

We are the UK based expert in effective survey, questionnaire and feedback form processing, data capture and analytics. Our team can help you to develop the most effective and efficient survey format, utilising paper based, online or tablet based solutions – a multi-channel approach to survey data capture, according to your specific audience. 

It is important to remember to ask questions relating to data that you will actually utilise, in a format that will enable cost effective data capture and in a format that will enable maximum respondent engagement, and ease of completion. 

We can help with the end-to-end deployment and processing of your surveys, questionnaires or feedback forms; from survey construction, development, programming and printing, to response handling and data capture through to effective sentiment analysis and statistical reporting.

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