Fat Face



It all began in 1988, two friends desperately trying to avoid working for a living and enjoying all that the French Alps had to offer. The life was way too good to end too soon…but money was running short. A plan was needed…design some sweatshirts, sell ‘em at night, ski during the day, stick around till Spring then head for the beach. Fat Face had been born.

Fat Face has grown a bit since then, selling more than just a few sweatshirts designing kit for those who love to get out there, stuff that’s built to withstand the demands of an active lifestyle.  


Fat Face has a range of in-store cards for their customers to complete to enter competitions, request a catalogue or request further information from Fat Face. The information is then used by Fat Face to process the requests and to keep customers updated with the latest news and offers. In order to effectively utilise the customer information and to process requests in a timely manner, the information contained within the cards needs to be captured on an on-going basis and converted into an accessible electronic file, for the Fat Face team to be able to use effectively. 


Adetiq provides Fat Face with a cost effective, accurate document processing and data capture solution for the effective processing of the completed in-store cards. The completed cards are gathered from each store and dispatched from the Fat Face head office to Adetiq, where the cards are then sorted, checked and processed using our secure, data entry system. To ensure that accurate mailing addresses are captured, Adetiq uses the Royal Mail’s PAF system for populating the address details which further ensures that the data output is of the highest quality, maximising marketing ROI.The captured data is formatted, and exported into an encrypted .xls file for Fat Face to upload into their internal CRM system. Adetiq then ensure secure destruction of the physical cards, to ensure the privacy of the responders is upheld. The team at Fat Face are now able to focus their internal efforts on the things that really matter, allowing Adetiq to support with the labour intensive administration of processing and capturing the data in a secure environment.

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