Data Capture of Market Research Surveys


An independent creative agency born in 2004, Flourish began life with its foundations firmly set in direct marketing. Over the years, Flourish has grown organically to be able to offer a blend of direct and digital marketing solutions. Today the team possess a wide range of skills to meet the diverse and ever changing needs of their wide client base.



The team at Flourish frequently design and implement market research surveys on behalf of their wide ranging clients. Following the market research, Flourish frequently face the logistical challenge of capturing the data contained within the surveys in a cost efficient and effective manner, whilst avoiding tying up their valuable Account Management resource in administration heavy tasks. 



Flourish contacted Adetiq with a specific project in mind, to process the information contained within 6,000 multi-page surveys on behalf of their client. Flourish needed all of the data contained within the surveys to be captured and then required the captured data to be provided in an excel format within a three week period. Using our bespoke data entry system, the team at Adetiq set up a template relating to a blank survey in order to capture the data as swiftly as possible. The Adetiq data entry system allows for highly accurate and fast data entry, which provides a cost effective data capture solution for our clients, and enables us to export the captured data into any format required. A sample of the captured data was provided to Flourish for approval prior to commencing the project, which ensured that the final data was suitable for purpose and that the team at Flourish were completely happy with the results of the project.




“We have been more than happy with the service we have received from Adetiq. We were kept fully updated throughout the project, which made it easier to manage the work at our end and keep the client fully informed of the progress.”


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