We have worked in the healthcare sector for over five decades now and across many diverse application areas in partnership with trusts, the voluntary sector and private providers. 

We provide a wide range of services relating to document and data processing from our UK offices such as Automated Form Processing, Friends and Family Test (FFT) Processing, Patient Satisfaction Survey Processing, Data Capture, Aggregation and Analysis as well as full system Data Migration services.

Your patient data and document security are at the heart of our business, and accordingly, we are ISO 27001, ISO 9001, Cyber Essentials certified, GDPR compliant and ICO Data Protection Act registered.

Please see below how we keep your data secure and accurate throughout its lifecycle within our bespoke systems tailor made for your project.

Bespoke Service

Our breadth of experience, depth of knowledge and technical capabilities in document and data processing means that we bring a fresh perspective to your projects. We don’t rely on “off the shelf solutions” and offer truly bespoke service.  

We understand that medical data requires extremely high levels of data privacy and security, as well as data quality and integrity. Our all processing is carried out in our UK offices and are handled by UK staff who understand the challenges and responsibilities of working with the healthcare data.

Our team keeps us up to date with the latest relevant ideas and technology ensuring:

• That the Adetiq systems are continually tested and patched to ensure system security.

• That the teams at Adetiq receive monthly data security training. 

• That internal systems are programmed to provide a full audit trail of all interactions and activities conducted on any project. 

• The technologies available to the project teams are innovative and leading edge to ensure maximum productivity and effectiveness. 

• Automation, RPA, AI, Machine Learning is targeted at process that can be automated leaving our well trained staff to manage the knowledge based tasks within the project. 

• That policies regarding internet usage, data handling and project management are adhered to. 

• We are compliant with the latest developments in data protection, and ensure we are GDPR compliant and maintain our certifications in ISO27001, ISO9001 and Cyber Essentials. 

• That Disaster Recovery plans are in place and tested periodically ensuring continuous service delivery.

How We Keep Your Data Secure

Data and document security is at the heart of our business, accordingly, we are ISO 27001:2013, ISO 9001:2015 and Cyber Essentials certified, ICO Data Protection Act registered and work to a PCI-DSS standard. On top of that, all work is carried out by our own staff entirely within our own UK offices.

Our systems are designed for security, accuracy and auditability, granular controls down to keystroke level can be put in place and each keystroke is logged throughout the lifecycle of your data. Each project would have set SLAs with KPIs delivered through regular MI reports.

Speak to our team

If you have document or data process that is difficult or expensive to manage, or simply takes time that your staff could better utilise, contact us now.

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