Hybrid Automation

July 09, 2018

The last few years have seen an enormous leap in the availability and quality of RPA, AI and machine learning. Whether it’s Azure Vision, Amazon SageMaker, Google Cloud AI or the plethora of open source and paid products any company of any size can now implement a cost effective automated solution. While AI has come along in leaps and bounds there are still a few limitations and edge cases that will fall through the gaps. You will need a robust set of training data to “Teach” the machine what you are looking for and very similar nuances are still tricky for the machine to differentiate from and this is where a hybrid process can really add value.

Hybrid Automation successfully combines the best of automation and machine learning with the ingenuity that is still limited to a human. Where a machine can follow a predetermined set of criteria a human is able to make intuitive leaps on broken information and make a decision where a machine will be unable to.

By creating a hybrid approach, you can remove the easy and repetitive tasks by letting the machine identify and carry out the work, saving the humans for the edge cases where the machines are still not quite up to scratch.

At Adetiq we have successfully created and implemented several hybrid solutions. These solutions have enabled us to competitively bid and win tenders against companies whose workforce is cheaper. We have delivered the outcomes required by our customers, usually in a quicker time-frame and with the quality they should expect from an ISO 9001:2015 certified company.

Hybrid Automation has enabled us to massively reduce the amount of repetitive work that our workforce has to carry out and this has the positive side effect of improving the morale of the staff and improving the quality of the work.

Guy Symonds - IT Manager

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