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June 11, 2018

Looking at recent coverage of the rise of machine learning and artificial intelligence, it would be hard to not become despondent. One might be left to think which dystopian future lies ahead for our children? Is it Matrix, Terminator, or I Robot?

Here at Adetiq, we take a different view. We think that humans and machines are better when they team up. Humans and machines should be collaborators and not competitors. 

Machines do the processing, humans do the finessing 

Think about Google Translate. This is a service which allows you to read a website written in a foreign language (and sometimes in a non-Latin alphabet) in your own language. It works within seconds – whether there are 100 words on a page or 2,000. 

If you don’t speak German but land on a German site, Google will convert the text into English before your eyes. When you read through the translation, it’s not totally perfect. There are certain words we wouldn’t use as native speakers and certain sentences that seem to be not quite right. But Google is a machine, it’s not a human. 

If you needed an instruction manual translated from German to English, previously you’d have to have employed a translator. If the manual was 20,000 words long, you’d be looking at a bill of £3,600. You could, instead, use Google Translate to perform the initial conversion into English. You’ll then have an instruction manual you can work from while you employ an English-speaking copy writing to “finesse” the text – tidy it up, structure it properly, substitute wrong-sounding words for the correct words. You’d probably pay about £400 for that – a big saving. 

Robotic Process Automation  

We operate something similar at Adetiq called “Robotic Process Automation”. Our tech does all the repetitive back office tasks you need completing – saving you time and money and greatly increasing your efficiency.  

That tech is specifically programmed by our humans to deal with the tasks you set us. It continually generates reports for our staff, allowing them to see that the tech is operating as it should and producing the required results. If we need to change something, our humans are in charge of that so by the time the business information we include on your report reaches you, it’s been thoroughly processed by machines and diligently proofed & verified by humans. 

Capture, classify, receive – automatically 

With the amount of information your business produces on a daily basis, retrieving the data you need when you need it is a challenge. Where is the document stored? Is it on paper or on a hard-drive? 

Our machines capture data from both paper and digital documents. They use all kinds of innovative, quick, and often proprietary software to record everything – text, images, written notes, ticked and unticked tick boxes, and more. It then breaks up all the information and data it finds so that it can be found easily and efficiently by your staff. 

Our machines find the information, your people add context and actionability to it through their human understanding. 

Business reports 

Our machines grab the information and then your humans or our humans produce the reports (in virtually any format you like including PDF, XML, and CSV) you need so that you have the knowledge and insight you need to make the best decisions for your business. 

Hybrid Processing 

Machines and the tasks they’re capable of performing bring your company the ability to analyse data deeper and work faster than any human. They don’t take time off and you don’t have to give them 28 days’ holiday. 

They do have their limitations though. And we have learned over the years that even the latest advances in hardware and software need creative human input to produce actionable results for businesses. 

Welcome to the world of hybrid processing. If you want to talk about the benefits that hybrid processing can bring to your business through the outsourcing of your document & data processing, the management of your database & systems, and intelligence-led oversight of your portals and online data, please get in touch with Adetiq to discuss your specific requirements. 

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