Killer Technique 10 - Capture Only the Data that you Need

January 25, 2018

Collecting data in one form or another is a matter of course for most job functions across most industries today. From reports and logs, customer and prospect data, applications and appraisals, data comes in many guises – but the root issue remains the same; how can the raw information be collected and articulated into accessible and interpretable data, how much does that cost, and what’s the value of the data to your business?

We see many methods of capturing wide ranging data, and often ask whether all of that data needs to be collected and will it all be used? 

Collecting data is an essential element of business today, but it is perhaps more so important that the data is intrinsically valuable to the business – otherwise, what’s the point in capturing the information? 

This best practice guide explores why data capture methods and processes should be reviewed regularly to ensure that investment isn’t wasted on capturing useless information – and why investment is maximised when focused on capturing and processing only the specific data which is of absolute value to the organisation.

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