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Kings Court Trust was founded in 2002 and specialises in probate and estate administration. Kings Court Trust apply best practice to deliver a fully comprehensive probate service to the highest quality for a guaranteed fixed price.



As their business grew, Kings Court Trust wanted to maximise resources and focus their experienced in-house staff on the knowledge based tasks that they are trained and qualified for, rather than spending time on the labour intensive administration associated with entering data into their systems. Given the many and varied documents from which data has to be accurately captured, Kings Court Trust were keen to employ a company with a long standing history and culture in Document Process Outsourcing, who could offer both advice and implementation services. 



Kings Court Trust securely send various spreadsheet and PDF documents to Adetiq, who firstly apply a quality control checking process. Adetiq then capture the data contained within the documents directly into the Kings Court Trust system, for which Kings Court Trust has permitted Adetiq access. Once the data has been accurately entered into the system, letters and records are automatically generated as a result and the Kings Court Trust specialists are then quickly able to administer the associated estate. Adetiq has a flexible approach, which can be tailored according to the needs of our clients. Whilst we have our own secure, bespoke data entry system – for Kings Court Trust, a more efficient process was devised by permitting the Adetiq team direct access to the internal systems which allows for the auto-generation of documents. This enables Adetiq to truly be an extension of the Kings Court Team and creates a highly efficient process.

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