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Liz Earle Naturally Active Skincare is a Great British beauty brand, founded in 1995. The team at Liz Earle are passionate about all that they do and create products that work on every skin type by harnessing the potent powers of the finest quality naturally active ingredients.  


Liz Earle run a range of competitions throughout the year, across the UK. The competitions often take the format of physical forms and are completed in-store or via local and national press. Liz Earle also use in-store forms for customers to provide their contact details, to be sent the latest news and offers. The contact information is then used by Liz Earle to keep their customers updated and for use in on-going marketing campaigns. In order to effectively utilise the customer information, the data needs to be captured on an on-going basis and converted into electronic format for the marketing team at Liz Earle to effectively leverage.


The team at Liz Earle approached Adetiq to provide a cost effective, accurate data processing solution, which provides Liz Earle with an outsourced solution to extract the critical customer contact information from the completed forms and process the data into a .CSV file format, which is then uploaded with ease into the Liz Earle CRM system. Adetiq applies the expertise learned from over 40 years of experience to process the data in the most cost and time efficient manner, allowing the team at Liz Earle to communicate with all customers and prospects in a timely and consistent fashion. The technique of key verification is also utilised during the data processing, which ensures that the customer data is of the highest accuracy, ensuring that ROI from the Liz Earle marketing efforts is maximised and that the bounce rates from poor quality data is kept to a minimum. The team at Liz Earle are now able to focus their internal efforts on important marketing strategy and tactics, allowing Adetiq to support with the labour intensive administration of processing the data.


“Adetiq very professionally and accurately data capture interest from ‘potential’ customers for Liz Earle. This has enabled us to significantly increase our sales conversion through engaging follow up communications.”


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