Lunch and Learn at Adetiq

March 12, 2018

Lunch and Learn is our very own in-house training and enrichment forum. With so many talented and knowledgeable individuals in our midst, we feel it is only sensible that we pool our noetic and experiential resources, and extend our enviable fund of knowledge and experience to each and every valued person in the company. It’s a win-win arrangement that we’re proud to champion.

We understand that every one of us brings a distinct quality to bear in the workplace; we’re not robotic – far from it. Whether we’re punching in data, stacking boxes, or designing customer-specific software solutions, we’re a collection of souls with our own histories and our own stories to tell: and with a common goal, which is why Lunch and Learn makes such good sense.

On a wholly voluntary basis, Lunch and Learn is a way of imparting what we at Adetiq know to those at Adetiq who want to know. And we’re very good at that. Why would we not want to apprise one another of the wealth of knowledge that we’ve garnered over the years as individuals? Topics range from company history and computer skills, to cyber security and the company’s future aims.

Whether our CEO or Head of Operations conducts these sessions, or one of our managers, or a team member, the aim is the same: to enlighten, include, pique interest and curiosity, and always to advance.

I attended my first Lunch and Learn session at the end of February, whose focus was on Essential IT Skills. While we are all computer literate anyway – we have to be to do this job – I learned a lot of essential IT stuff that I had never even considered; what’s inside a modem? how do the components interrelate? what does a server do, and how does the company’s internal framework communicate with the outside world?

Eight of us attended the session, and lunch (from a very well-regarded food hall) was provided. The tone was informal, though focussed. And far from being any kind of lecture, it was more of an informal seminar.

Our Head of Operations knows his way around a computer: that’s not debatable; a well-qualified computer engineer, his presentation was well delivered and informative, and gave rise to many questions and points of discussion. We overran by ten or fifteen minutes as so much emerged from the session. But that can only be healthy.

Lunch and Learn is another sign of our commitment to staff development, meaning that we can guarantee our clients a consistently sterling service. I’ll certainly be signing up for more events.


Andrew Sandford - Driver & General Maintenance

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