Meet the Management Team

Our team has a wealth of experience to ensure you get the best possible service, no matter what size your business or what sector you work in.

Michael Hill - Managing Director

Michael Hill has been with Adetiq since 1999, taking responsibility for all operational aspects of delivering client projects, including systems infrastructure, processes and service delivery. Before joining Adetiq, Michael held a senior role at XM Document Solutions, and a directorial role at a financial services firm following a degree in Electronic Engineering and Computing. With a keen eye for detail and the ability to really think outside the box, Michael is able to solve your problems – no matter how complex.

Michael’s vast knowledge of our business and how to best apply both technology and people mean you can rest assured you are in good hands from the top down.

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Charmaine Tarry – Business Development Manager

Charmaine joined Adetiq in 2018 and has taken on the position of Business Development Manager. She brings a wealth of experience in operational processes, customer service, sales and account management to her role and has a knack for improving processes and implementing new systems for her clients. She has previously worked with clients including American Express, KPMG and Sport England and takes a structured, results-driven approach to her work.

Charmaine also holds a MA in Medieval Studies specialising in literature fuelled by her keen interest in reading and history.

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Tracy Vardy - Head of Operations

Tracy is an enthusiastic and driven professional with a solid history of success and a flair for building strong working relationships. Tracy has years of experience in the Banking, Manufacturing and Property Sectors building and managing teams with an emphasis on delivering the best outcomes for clients. Tracy is taking great pride in prioritising the needs of the client to deliver outstanding results within designated time-frames. Tracy is responsible for the successful operational delivery of our services with a client-centric approach, ensuring that all SLAs and KPIs are met and supporting the wider operational team throughout the lifespan of each project. 

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Emma Carter - Project Manager

Emma joined Adetiq in 2011, following the successful completion of a degree in Sociology with Psychology BSc (Hons). Emma holds the position of Project Manager at Adetiq and is responsible for delivering specific client projects to the high standard expected. Emma has a strong operational background, having risen through the ranks at Adetiq and has a passion for delivering best of breed customer service and measurable business outcomes.

Emma’s service ethos ensures that her projects are run meticulously, resulting in the best possible outcomes for the partnership between Adetiq and each of our clients. 

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