Onshore Outsourcing

May 31, 2018

Outsourcing is common to many businesses big and small in the UK and around the world. One of the major factors in the decision-making process once you’ve decided to outsource is whether you choose a company based in the UK or overseas.

In this article, the Adetiq team will explain why we believe that onshore outsourcing is the right move for your business. 

What is outsourcing? 

Outsourcing describes when a business delegates a task or internal process it relies on to a third party. Typical activities outsourced by firms include accounting, IT support, telephone answering, customer management, payment management, and cleaning.  

Outsourcing generally costs a company less than having in-house departments dedicated to performing a certain task or process as they share the cost of the outsourcing company’s staff and infrastructure with many other firms.  

Businesses using outsourcing also benefit from not having to worry about employment law, holiday pay, sick pay, and so on for staff because the people performing the tasks are actually employed by the outsourcer. 

Offshore outsourcing is still perceived by some to offer an additional cost benefit to onshore outsourcing because the lower cost of wages and associated costs the outsourcer has to meet will almost certainly be lower than in the UK.  

While the cost of offshore outsourcing may, in many cases be slightly lower, what is the business case for onshore outsourcing? 

Financial and political stability 

It only takes a two second look at the news to realise that the world is an unstable place. Military coups, social unrest and financial turmoil can occur around the world at any point, making offshore outsourcing quite a risky move.  

If you choose to outsource to a country with an unstable political history, a currency which fluctuates within a wide band, or a country where property and taxation rights are not as stable or reliable, you might well find that your outsourcer can no longer perform the tasks you have given them, and you won’t know until it actually happens. 

No matter what problems we think we have back home, around the world it’s truly a different story.

By choosing onshore outsourcing, you can ensure that your business is operating with the maximum amount of financial and political stability possible.

According to Forbes, the UK “tops (the) best countries in the world for business in 2018”. So, that’s one less thing to worry about. 

Language barriers 

Another major issue that can arise with offshore outsourcing is that, for the majority of the world, English is not their first language. Despite the very best efforts of the operator at the other end of the phone, trying to resolve a problem with someone where English is not their mother tongue and when the nature of the problem requires more complex and nuanced language to be used is frustrating for both the person calling with the problem and the person trying to handle it.  

Many issues, including those related to IT support, marketing, customer service, and sales, are always better and more efficiently managed with if the two people engaged in dialogue speak the same language to the same native level of proficiency. 

Time differences 

This is often overlooked by people who are considering outsource overseas but time differences can play a major role in the effectiveness of your overseas contractors. If they are 6 or 7 hours ahead of you, they might not be able to reliably provide you with what you want as quickly as you would like, depending on the service level agreement you have. 

Even with a 24/7, 365 service level agreement, things are not perfect. Is the outsourcing representative as effective at their work at 10 o’clock at night even though it’s 1 in the afternoon here in the UK? Chances are probably not. This is especially important if you have an emergency business-critical situation that needs to be resolved as soon as possible. 

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