Our Ethos

February 23, 2018

“We can be judged on the consistently high standards and superb levels of service that we make it our business to maintain.“

Here at Adetiq, we are only too aware of the exacting standards that you, the client, quite rightly demand. It goes without saying that you expect the very highest levels of security for your valuable data. And whether we are capturing data or populating web content, you want accuracy and attention to detail to be key.  

It follows, naturally, that you would also like the service that accompanies the work we do for you to be professional, focussed and conducive to an atmosphere of trusted partnership; which is where our ethos comes into its own.


Above and beyond the five decades’ experience we have in the data process outsourcing industry, and the reputation for knowledge and expertise that we’ve built up in this time, we have also developed an ethos which informs everything we do.

Communication and synergy in the spirit of partnership can be said to be the approach we favour. It is easy to be detached and distant in the modern world of ‘devices’; but we believe in people and personalities, and we’ll always make it our business to listen, interact, learn, and improve.

Since we are satisfied with nothing less than the very best for our clientele, we like to talk and meet up with you as often as you deem necessary, so that you know your organisation is always in view, and that we have your interests at heart at all times.

Yes, we appreciate recommendations – why wouldn’t we? But we know that recommendations only come because we consistently adhere to our principles and deliver the industry-leading service that we are proud to be renowned for.

So give our team a call and find out why so many people place their faith in us.

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