Data Cleansing

The financial impact of using incorrect/dirty data could be costing you. Whether it’s postal mail outs to old addresses or call centres contacting invalid phone numbers, we help you reduce these hidden business costs.

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Data Cleansing

Our data cleansing service includes a full data analysis and audit of your existing data. By identifying and correcting incomplete, inaccurate, random or improperly formatted data we provide you with consistently clean and usable data sets – a process vital to businesses for the detection and identification of incomplete records, invalid entries or duplicates.

We allow you to develop databases that are accurate, well formatted and ready to use to the specific requirements of your business by working through your existing contacts and updating all personal details including names, job titles, email, postal addresses and contact numbers.

Full Data Audit

Figuring out where to start with your data cleanse can often be a headache. Our team of experts will audit your existing dataset to ensure a swift, targeted clean-up.

Consumption-Based Unit Rates

We can provide the resources to quickly work through your data to achieve a given outcome within tight timescales; something often not feasible with in-house staffing.

Increased Productivity

Having a clean and up-to-date database helps your staff to maximise their efficiency and productivity as they are working on current and accurate information.

Why Choose Us


We've got a keen eye for data cleansing and won't leave you with inaccurate or ill-formatted data.

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We apply the same standard of security across all of our document and data processing, whether your data-sets contain sensitive information or not.

Speak to our team

Get in touch and speak to our experts to find out how we can help; we’ll go through your specific requirements and suggest the most effective methods to bring you the best results in the most cost and time efficient manner.

Our Clients

Our clients choose us as their trusted, specialist partner as they strive to reduce the administrative burden, save costs and improve the flow and accuracy of their business data. Working with Adetiq allows you to free up internal resources to focus on the core function of your business.

“For over 25 years Adetiq Ltd have provided us a range of data capture services, consultancy, support and guidance. Their expertise and attention to detail have enabled us to adapt in a rapidly changing marketplace finding accurate and cost-effective solutions. They are still a first port of call for me on such matters especially when challenges present themselves needing a more innovative approach to the norm.”

Service Solutions Manager

City & Guilds

“They provide a quick service and are always ready to help and solve problems.”

Support Engineer

Alexander Dennis

“Adetiq’s commitment to the Active Places national sport facility maintenance contract has been first rate. Their team quickly became knowledgeable and passionate about the work enabling them to continuously improve processes whilst maintaining high standards and providing excellent customer service. They are a reliable and valued contractor to Sport England.”

GIS Manager

Sport England

“We find Adetiq to be both responsive and reliable, with the team efficiently working through our requests in a super quick turnaround time.”

Chief Operating Officer


“The team at Adetiq has helped us out a lot and we’ve really enjoyed working with them. They’re good communicators and are always very professional and polite. The data we handle can be quite complex, but Adetiq demonstrate high attention to detail when inputting data and always ensure information is accurate. If we have any changes, they’re always very flexible and willing to take on new challenges.”

Head of Customer Service


“We have been hugely impressed with the professional and timely service provided by Adetiq. They are always able to accommodate our requests and translate into ‘technical speak’ and make allowances for the peculiarities of the higher education sector. I’m delighted to recommend their services.”

Data and Evaluation Analyst


“In our digital product line both for web based and CD Rom format Adetiq has handled mass data sets with an intuitive understanding of complicated issues and remarkable accuracy of entry.”

Managing Director

Naval & Military Archive

“Working with Adetiq for the first time has been a great pleasure. From start to finish, Adetiq have provided a professional and efficient service dedicated to meeting our needs. We will most certainly consider using their reliable and friendly service again in future.”

Curriculum Enhancement Administrator

Middlesex University

“Adetiq very professionally and accurately data capture interest from ‘potential’ customers for Liz Earle. This has enabled us to significantly increase our sales conversion through engaging follow up communications.”

Head of CRM

Liz Earle

“Adetiq were great at handling the data capture from our consumer promotions, they were efficient, professional and easy to deal with. I would highly recommend them.”

Brand Manager

Lindt & Sprüngli (UK) LTD

“Adetiq have provided a solid and professional service for us and our data capture requirements. The turnaround time is impressive and it allows us to focus our time on growth rather than admin.”

Marketing Manager

Graduate Recruitment Bureau

“We have been more than happy with the service we have received from Adetiq. We were kept fully updated throughout the project, which made it easier to manage the work at our end and keep the client fully informed of the progress.”

Senior Account Manager


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