Smartology has a vision to be a world leader in content marketing, providing information to people that is uniquely tailored to their needs. The SmartMatch technology is an innovation in content marketing, matching published content and articles with highly relevant content pieces from advertisers which contain contextually similar content. Maximising value for the publisher, the advertiser and delivering quality content for the reader.



The SmartMatch technology offered by Smartology is truly an innovation in marketing. However, in order to benefit from SmartMatch an advertiser needs to know what content it has and where it is located. Many large organisations have vast amounts of content, produced by a variety of personnel often around the world. It is a time intensive task to audit what content is available, find out where it all is and which pieces would be relevant and timely for contextual content matching through the SmartMatch technology.  



Smartology wanted to find an outsourced partner to conduct the content audits on behalf of its customers to alleviate the time pressure it would take the advertiser or the team at Smartology to conduct the time intensive content audits. Adetiq offered Smartology a cost and time efficient solution by utilising the skills and content mining technology available within the online team at Adetiq. Smartology provides Adetiq with details of each advertiser and the type of content required for SmartMatch. Using a combination of systems and defined processes, Adetiq mines online sources to identify what content is available, documenting various attributes associated with each piece of content including the source, location, type and author. The collected data highlights what content is available and is then used to populate the SmartMatch technology with the relevant content, in preparation for the contextual matching with articles across a range of worldwide publications.

The content mining services offered by Adetiq have helped Smartology to focus internal resources less on administrational process and more on providing high quality customer service and has reduced the on-boarding time for new clients using the SmartMatch system. Adetiq supports Smartology as it continues to expand SmartMatch with new media owners and new advertisers. Current media owners include Reuters, Financial Times, MIT Technology Review and The Economist.


“We find Adetiq to be both responsive and reliable, with the team efficiently working through our requests in a super quick turnaround time.” 


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