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Toys R Us is the world’s leading family leisure, baby centre and toy megastore with over 1,500 stores worldwide in 33 countries. Toys R Us was opened in the UK in 1985, and in 1996 Toys R Us launched offering the widest range of toys and family leisure products to millions more UK customers, all at great value prices.


Toys R Us offer the largest range of toys and family leisure products online, populating the products onto the website to make them available to customers takes a significant amount of time. Not only does the product information need to be populated, but unique Toys R Us descriptions for each product needs to be created and also the attributes and product images need to be sort from manufacturers around the world. Toys R Us wanted to find a high quality yet cost effective solution to the labour intensive product searching, copywriting and collection of the product data, alleviating the administration pressures from the internal team to enable them to focus on quality control and important brand marketing initiatives.


Adetiq provides an integrated solution for Toys R Us encompassing data mining, image correction and enhancement, SEO friendly copywriting and data collection. The Adetiq team took time to understand the challenges that Toys R Us faced and to understand the specific brand requirements in terms of tone of voice for the copy, and image type for the product images. Using Adetiq’s content population systems and experienced online content team, Adetiq devised a custom solution tailored to the precise needs of the Toys R Us eCommerce team. Working to tight deadlines and seasonal requirements, Adetiq liaise with the Toys R Us worldwide manufacturers to obtain detailed information about each product. Using the product information, Adetiq then write unique search engine optimised descriptions for each product in the correct Toys R Us tone of voice. Images are passed through a vetting, correcting and re-sizing process before being allocated to the product and attributes including dimensions, colour, weight and age restrictions are added.  

Once completed the data and images are uploaded to the Toys R Us website to make the products available to millions of customers for purchase. For Toys R Us, flexibility is critical with Adetiq able to respond to peaks and troughs in requirements at no additional cost to Toys R Us. As a result Toys R Us have been able to save valuable internal resources from being tied up in administrational processing, been able to benefit from a more structured and efficient solution and reduce the time it takes to make products available for sale online.

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