Our Approach

We employ a unique hybrid processing approach, combining smart people and smart tech to deliver world-class outcomes for our clients’ back-office tasks with unchallenged speed and accuracy.

Hybrid Processing

Our experience over the years has taught us that new technologies can be useful tools for automating business processes, but not without limitation. By combining the most cutting-edge automation techniques with technical expertise and highly effective human resources, we are able to create bespoke process workflows that enable both cost and time savings that are passed on to you.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

RPA is the use of technology to conduct repetitive back office tasks to improve efficiency and save time and cost. We use the so-called RPA “bots” to automate certain procedures allowing our expert staff to focus on the aspects of your project that require human analysis and intervention. Because we handle the entire outsourced solution, you won’t have to worry about software updates, down-time or optimisation. By using RPA for part of the process, we can reduce your cost for that task by up to 66%.

AI and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning enable us to work faster and smarter, allowing us to create sophisticated and powerful solutions that will improve and streamline processes. AI and Machine Learning can also be used to optimise and solve problems across the back-office systems and processes. Intelligent systems can automate a great amount of your work and help reduce the risk of human errors. Our systems will learn and get smarter, which will result in better outcomes for your projects.

Automated Capture Systems

We utilise a host of automated capture technologies to reduce the time spent on capturing your data from paper or digital documents. Using techniques such as Optical Character Recognition and other proprietary systems, we’re able to quickly and accurately recognise text, handwriting, tickboxes and images from whatever files you send us. This means we can deliver you searchable documents to you without breaking the bank.


We like reports! Being a data processing company, we track all that we do for you and provide whatever level of reporting is required. This can be in many formats including PDF, csv or XML, delivered to you by the most convenient and secure methods such as SFTP, encrypted email or via a portal.

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