Our Values and Goals

Adetiq’s core values and goals of Outcomes, Integrity, Respect, Innovation and Commitment and Passion guide us in all that we do.


Our primary focus is on the outcome, how we provide the best result, deliver to the highest standard and in a timely manner. Never trying to follow but creating systems that deliver projects and services to our clients.


We provide an open, honest, transparent and secure service. We work in collaboration with the same amount of care and ownership as our customers own teams.


Respect for people and the environment. For all employees, individuals and organisations, and the wider environment that we affect.


At Adetiq we always strive to improve and innovate our offerings. We investigate and develop the latest technologies and processes, continually enhancing the service to our clients.

Commitment and Passion

We are as committed to our client’s project and goal as our client. We work closely with our customers to achieve their goals, with clear lines of communication to our dedicated and passionate teams.

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