Why Use a Boutique Outsourcer Over a Behemoth of an Outsourcer?

June 19, 2018

We’ll be the first to say it – we’re not the size of other outsourcers like Carillion or Capita. And for more than one reason, that’s a good thing! 

Small is beautiful and focused. When you’re small, you need to keep impressing your customers so that they stay with you because you just can’t afford to lose them. Small is accessible, adaptable, and friendly. 

Adetiq is a boutique outsourcing company. What’s boutique about it? 

A boutique outsourcing company obsesses with being the best in class. We believe that we offer top quality service in document & data processing. We’re a small band of professionals. Among our client base, we have a reputation for reliability, expertise, and innovative approaches to complex problems. 

The quality of service and outcome you receive from us will likely exceed your expectations because we specialise in getting everything right on an individual and bespoke basis for each client. 

Boutique saves you money 

Big outsourcing firms have hundreds or thousands of employees, support crews, impressive and swanky offices in the best location, and the latest 100” flat-screen UHD monitor at their reception desk area. All of those expenses have to be paid for – hint: on your invoice. 

Boutique firms have much lower overheads. Everyone in the firm is a specialist at what they do. If there’s something they don’t know, they call in outside expertise to help on an ad-hoc basis – much cheaper than employing that expert full-time and including it on your invoice.  

Boutique gives you a real choice 

Big outsourcing firms generally sell their service in layers or packages that have been put together by a marketing team. You have to fit around their service, not the other way around. That means that you’ll pay for service and for cover you just don’t want or need. 

Boutique is different. Boutique morphs to your company’s requirements. Boutique can create new services just for your company on the hoof because that’s what you need us to do.  

Boutique means no interdepartmental warfare whose crossfire you get caught up in 

Once a company gets past 100 staff, employees are more likely to stick with and side with people who perform similar roles to them. Over time, departments drift apart – the target one department has been set actually starts to affect other departments’ ability to hit theirs. It’s a recipe for conflict and it’s the type of situation which creates endless processes, new bureaucracies, forms to fill in, and red tape. 

Boutique is different. Boutique means not getting passed from department to department. Boutique is getting straight through or being connected by a receptionist who’s friendly, knows your name, and wants to help. 

Boutique gets things done quicker and problems solved faster. Boutique is efficient – boutique might just need two people need to complete a task for you whereas behemoth deploys teams. With boutique, you know who’s working on it for you and you can get in touch easily.  

Behemoth might do 100 different things. Boutique does less but what boutique does, it does it better and more creatively 

Big outsourcing firms may multiple teams working on a wide range of often completely unrelated services. Behemoth directors see an economy of scale opportunity to fill that spare 500 square feet with an outsourcing team doing something radically different to everyone else in the building. It’s understandable – every square foot of space must generate cash to pay for the massive overheads. 

Boutique doesn’t have a team of a few hundred people who collectively know 80% of what they need to know – boutique has less people who, as a close team, know everything they need to do a job (and the right people to connect to when additional help is needed). Boutique doesn’t consult a manual to solve a client problem – boutique uses creativity, ingenuity, and a will verging on the stubborn to get the job done for the client.  

Boutique and proud – Adetiq 

A boutique outsourcer is the perfect size of business you need to handle your document & data processing, manage your database & systems, and deliver the best value from your company’s portals & online data assets.  

We won the prestigious ‘Outsourcing Works: Delivering Business Value’ award at the GSA Awards in 2016. That’s because we’re boutique and boutique knows better how to look after the tasks that you need doing that are either too complex, too costly, or too distracting to do yourself. 

If you are considering outsourcing your document & data processing, your database & systems management, or your portals and online data function, please get in touch with Adetiq to discuss your specific requirements.

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