Xeretec are a leading integrator of digital print hardware, software, solutions and services. Today they are xerox’s largest partner and provider of Managed Print services (MPS) in the UK, a strategic production partner and one of their top 5 resellers across Europe. Xeretec we are renowned for offering an unrivalled breadth and depth of expertise across office and heavy production print technology.


Along with most organisations today Xeretec maintain a keen eye on productivity, and in order to ensure maximum productivity from their internal workforce, aim to ensure that all personnel are kept focused on the key business objectives. Xeretec’s range of products and services mean that there is a complex finance and accounting process, which weaves the different services offered together. Xeretec found that due to the complexity, it was easy for items and invoices to be missed, With this in mind, Xeretec took the decision to outsource the labour intensive administration associated with the finance and accounting function and sort to find a partner to process the invoices efficiently and accurately.


Adetiq handles the data entry and processing of the inbound and outbound invoices on behalf of Xeretec. Using an efficient, secure data entry system Adetiq offers Xeretec a cost effective, outsourced solution which also correlates the inbound and outbound invoices ensuring that all invoices are listed correctly and that no invoices are missed improving the productivity of Xeretec and reducing losses. Adetiq are also one of the only data entry companies based in the UK to be PCI DSS compliant to the highest degree and therefore, able to process the financial data in a secure environment. Adetiq also process all physical paper based documents, into a digitised electronic archive for the Xeretec finance and account team. This has not only enabled Xeretec to access their financial records quickly and easily, but also freed up valuable office space which would otherwise be used for storage of the physical documents. 

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